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model-210x300 John Brown: Lawyer
– Age: 45 years old

He is a main lawyer (we have only one lawyer though) of the agency. He is very talented and well educated. He is very handsome so most of the clients are women, and they know that he is a single and makes lots of money so every women want to marry with him.

The most important thing in his life is money, so he takes the case with higher cost. Even though he is more expensive than the other lawyers, clients kept coming to him because he never lose the trials.



Abigail Clancy: John Brown’s personal assistance
– Age: 35 years old

She is only one member in JBrown’s Law Agency. John Brown hired her after few years he created his own law firm. He was working by himself when he started but as he got more cases, he figured out that it would be impossible to deal with all the stuffs by himself so he hired her.

Abigail Clancy is very clever and well organized person so she never made mistakes. And she knew what John Brown likes and dislikes so he is able to more focus on the works. She is the only one who John Brown is believing.

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