Letters from Man.

After I went to mysterious man’s house. I got a letter from him. I thought it was not a serious problem so I just ignored it. But when I went to his house for second time to find more evidences, I got a letter again.

crumpled-paper copy


This is a first letter.

Hi_Res_Lined_Paper_Texture_by_merileekitty copy


And the letter I got for second time.

One thing weird about these two letters are that he put some sentences in Russian. So I translated into English.

The first letter was “Once noircat runs, you cannot catch it.”

Russian in second letter was “You started a game, so let’s begin to play.”

The sentence that offended me was “You should look for Bond. Next target is him.” I do not know what it’s his plan. Is he trying to attack Bond, too? He was asking for Bond on the video that I saw for first time. I have no time. I should look for him, as well as Groom.


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