When I got close to his house, I heard noircat sound! So I rang a bell and a stranger came out. And behind him, I saw noircat who I was looking for! GREEN EYES! So I asked stranger that where did he get a noircat and he said that when he was shopping in downtown, this noircat and dog were walking around so he gave some food to them and then he returned to his house, the noir cat was following him. He did not know that he was following so he tried to return him but he did not go anywhere.

So Mr. Stranger, noircat, and I went to Maggie’s house and gave noircat back. I came back to my place and looked through the evidence that client gave to me, and figured out that the black dog with Groom was tried to tell us Noircat was following Mr. Stranger.

And I heard good news from Maggie. Right after Noircat came back, the noircat was starting to appear on the birthday cards that she received.

sans-noir-cat-10-300x300 copy sans-noir-cat-12-300x225 copy

I guess when Noircat goes far away from his house, all factors that are related to him would be disappear. I’m glad he is back! :)

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